The Brand NonaD

Modeling Compound and Universal Engineering material frostproof!

Lustwandel der Pandora -  hier vor dem Stadtmuseum Schwabach 2012  Skulptur aus NonaD
Lustwandel der Pandora - hier vor dem Stadtmuseum Schwabach 2012 Skulptur aus NonaD




for Artists, Professionals and Creative Minds



 The ultimate alternative to clay, rocks and concrete!

Easy and reliable!

Patented modeling and poured on Compound

for an artistic design of Objects

 and surface structures – artifictial stone


NonaD is inparticular suitable for the outdoor area.

NonaD - a universal engineering material for sculptural Design in every Size.


For large sculptures just as suitable as for small objects, as modeling compound on walls or in addition with more moisture, as casting compound for stove tiles, panels and easy sculptures. The engineering material can be applied and moulded extremly thick on walls without falling down - and it stays flexible (unlike  concrete and cement).


NonaD is weather-resistant as well as frostproof and heat-resistant. It can be used similar to clay, but it must not be burned in contrast to clay. Another advantage: at any time the work can be continued. Even days and weeks later  new modeling compound can be used on to complete the work .


 It can be used without reinforcement (with reservation of the made ART) on all undergrounds with an mineral origin (except plaster), masonry, concrete, styrofoam and metal.

In usage with some undergrounds it is recommended to use an adhesive base. Even synthetic material or glas can be used as carrier material in application with reinforcement fabric or wire.

Benches and furniture can be build with NonaD. Also watercoures can be made waterproof. You could also build an well or a fireplace with it.


There are almost no borders in the creative design and usage with NonaD.


Here is an little instruction on the usage of NonaD

Workshop in der Künstlerei (bitte klicken)


 New design possibilities are opened with this modeling compound.

With NonaD every Man/Women/Child can be a sculptor without an elaborate process and hard back-breaking work. If you ever were dreaming about a modeling compound which is heat-, frost- and weather-resistant for the outdoor area - NonaD will be the right decision.

Start now!


easy,proven and easy as pie!


Get our world happier and more coloured with it!